Houston Church of Freethought

The Houston Church of Freethought is an extension of the concept originally developed in Dallas by the North Texas Church of Freethought. The Church of Freethought was conceived as an alternative to the conventional faith-based religious organizations. The benefits of traditional church membership are offered to those who are uncomfortable with supernatural beliefs: community and fellowship with those of like mind, a vehicle for personal growth and fulfillment, affirmation of a naturalistic view of the world as a positive life choice for individuals and families, and a sense of belonging within the larger community.

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Why the Pansy?

“The pansy serves as the long-established and enduring symbol of freethought; literature of the American Secular Union inaugurated its usage in the late 1800s. The reasoning behind the pansy as the symbol of freethought lies both in the flower’s name and in its appearance. The pansy derives its name from the French word pensée, which means “thought”. It allegedly received this name because the flower is perceived by some to bear resemblance to a human face, and in mid-to-late summer it nods forward as if deep in thought.” – Wikipedia


What do HCOF members believe?

There is no conformity of belief among HCOF members. But there is a long tradition of critical thought going back to the time of Socrates and earlier on a wide variety of religious subjects. From this has come the realization that claims about the existence of gods, devils, heaven, hell, and other supernatural entities are not supported by sufficient facts and reason. Indeed, in almost all cases, these claims run into insurmountable logical problems. This is why believers must rely on faith. Seeing many problems with the notion of believing in something simply because one wishes to, and being unable to keep from questioning doctrines and dogmas, HCOF members all reject the idea of faith and, with it, belief in the supernatural.

The overwhelming majority of HCOF members believe that it is the right and the responsibility of each one of us to make sense of our experiences and of our part in the human condition. We believe that we have an obligation to do this in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful for ourselves and that do not prevent others from doing the same for themselves. We believe that it is valuable for each of us, our families, and unbelievers generally, as well as the larger society, for us to create and maintain communities of fellowship for the purpose of cooperatively discussing, exploring, and practicing these shared values. We believe that this helps us to become more responsible, more effective, and happier in our lives.

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